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new registrations for the Forum

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:48 pm
by Joachim
Hello to potential new forum members,

a few information about the process of a new registration.
At some point, the contributions of spammers have taken more and more.
Therefore, the registration was changed to 'manual operation'.
How does this work?
If you are registering, you will not be released at the same time.
First i get an initial notification of your registration.
Do not be impatient. Normally i am quite fast.
In exceptional cases, however, it might take a day or two.
After I have read the message i will control the registration data and make a decision,
whether it is an registration of an interested Gileristi or a spammer.
To do this, I ccheck login name, e-mail addresses and the IP.
That together should make sense for me.
A name composed of confused letters, together with an e-mail of the Sparkasse Niederauerbach and an IP from Uzbekistan .... Sorry
Sometimes this is not so easy.
The next step is to unblock the account.
Now the new member can at least have a look at the pictures.
If you write a post, it first moves to quarantine.
This means I get a message again. After I have checked this, I release the post (you get a message about it) and register you as a permanent member.
From now on everything works automatically.
I should be able to recognize Spammers at this stage and throw them out.

I hope i did not delete (to much) real interested persons by accident.

There are (temporary) members who never log in after the release. After a few months I will delete them.

My request to new members, please write something in the Forum. This helps me to keep the survey ;)

If you have further problems while registering...


thanks, Joachim